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We create high quality technical contents for everyone in the form of Video, Article and Tutorials. Our focus is on Python and Raspberry Pi

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We are a group of self-taught programmers who have developed coding skills over the years. We and Python (of course the programming language) are friends since a decade. We are experienced in working on numerous projects starting from very basic to highly complex ones. Python has spilled out of our professional life into our hobby and creative space.


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What is Solidity

Solidity is a programming language to write code for Ethereum based blockchain applications. The code is popularly known as smart-contract and the application is referred as Dapps or Decentralized Apps. About Solidity is High Level, Statically typed, Object-oriented programming language inspired from C++, JavaScript and Python. It’s one of the recently developed programming languages, which is in it’s nascent stage

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format json file using notepad++

Format and view json file in Notepad++ editor

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a text format (to exchange information) and not a programming language. All modern programming language knows about JSON. In this section, you will learn a quick introduction of JSON, what it is, how to use them, and most importantly, how to view the JSON data in a much cleaner way using open source Notepad++ text editor.

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Deploy python app on heroku

Deploy Python app on the Heroku cloud for free

Do you want to deploy a Python app on the Heroku cloud for free? Are you interested in learning the step by step process to transfer any app (or script) from your pc/laptop and deploy it on the cloud platform? You are at the right place, my friend. Although, this is one of the application types that you have learnt and it’s time to think about various other types of applications that you can build

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desktop app- vaccine availability tracker

Desktop app in Python for checking covid19 vaccine availability

Learn to create a Desktop app in Python to check any available slot in your location (based on the Pincode) on a given date. A step-by-step method to build the app and learn a lot of things on the way. you will learn Tkinter along the way as it is pretty easy. GUI components that are present in this application are Label, Entry box, Button, Textbox, Radio button, Checkbox and Frame

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