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We are a group of self-taught programmers who have developed coding skills over the years. We and Python (of course the programming language) are friends since a decade. We are experienced in working on numerous projects starting from very basic to highly complex ones. Python has spilled out of our professional life into our hobby and creative space.


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Covid-19 vaccine availability check using Python

This program make you aware of API, released by the government of India, in the Public domain. You will learn to use Python to create a script which will send API GET request (using Python’s requests module) and fetch the JSON data as a response. This code requires the area Pincode and the date for which you want

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jupyter notebook for python

Getting started with Jupyter Notebook for Python

Jupyter notebook is an open-source, lightweight and browser-based IDE. It is a kind of web app that allows to write and execute Python code in a browser (Chrome, Safari and Firefox). The notebook extends the console-based approach to interactive computing in a qualitatively new direction, providing a web-based application suitable for capturing the whole computation

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data visualization matplotlib

Matplotlib in Python

Matplotlib in Python is one of the most popular and powerful libraries for data visualization. It offers varieties of pre-built functions that can handle plotting data in pretty well. It offers a wide range of plotting options such as Scatter plot, Bar chart, Pie chart, XY plot, stacked plot, 3D plot and several others. It is a third-party library which needs to be installed separately. Matplotlib can be used

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Python projects – Hottest and coldest place on earth

In this project, you will learn to fetch the temperature data of all the places available at timeanddate website. This website regularly updates the temperature obtained from all the place on the Earth. In this project we have used selenium webdriver for chrome to fetch the data available at timeanddate website. When you browse the website, you will

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