Python Projects - Web Scraping

Fetch Real-time share price of multiple stocks - Python web scraping

python web scraping stock price

This project describes a Python code, which fetches the current stock price for multiple listed companies. This script first reads the excel sheet to get the list of all companies for which CMP (current market price)

Compare price of any product from multiple eCommerce - Python web scraping

price compare python

In this Web scraping with Python project, the script searches for a specified product via URL (weblink) and find out the price at that moment. This is particularly useful when you want to monitor the price of the specific ..

Get latest news headline in your inbox using Python web scraping

email using python

Have you heard of Google News, which collects the news headlines from the various trusted sources? Google uses a Machine Learning algorithm to capture various instances from a pool..

Latest news and stats on COVID-19 case from multiple source

covid19 coronavirus python

In this Python code, I have put all the effort to scrapes data from the world’s top trusted sources such as WHO (World Health Organization), John-Hopkins and Indian Government. Since all these websites

Find the hottest and coldest place on the Earth using Python


In this Python project you will learn to scrape data from websites which has the data about temperature of all the places. The Python script will scrape all data and find out the highest and lowest temperature.

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Python Projects - using REST API

Get Latest weather info. of any place on the Globe

python api - weather data

In this Python code, we have used weather api to access the current weather information of any place using place name. The raw data is received over https request (using api request method). We will further extract the meaningful information from  the JSON data by manupulating it.

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Python Projects - GUI

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