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We are a group of self-taught programmers who have developed coding skills over the years. We and Python (of course the programming language) are friends since a decade. We are experienced in working on numerous projects starting from very basic to highly complex ones. Python has spilled out of our professional life into our hobby and creative space.


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news scraping with python

Python project – News headline in email

Have you heard of Google News, which collects the news headlines from the various trusted sources? Google uses a Machine Learning algorithm to capture various instances from a pool of resources. Before I start, let me make you clear that the project that is being discussed here is not a Machine Learning technique. In this web scraping with Python code

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price compare python

Python project – price compare eCommerce

In this Web scraping with Python project, the script searches for a specified product via URL (weblink) and find out the price at that moment. This is particularly useful when you want to monitor the price of the specific item (or items) from multiple eCommerce platforms. Here, in this program, we have targeted three major eCommerce website (Flipkart

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python web scraping stock price

Python project – realtime stock price

This project describes a Python code, which fetches the current stock price for multiple listed companies. This script first reads the excel sheet to get the list of all companies for which CMP (Current Market Price) has to be calculated and then fire up the browser to open a website which has this information. The automation script enters the name of each stock, one by one,

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python break

Python break, pass and continue

Python break facilitates the early exit from a loop. Control structure provides certain loops such as Python for loop, while loop, which helps in executing a block of code as many times as required. As a programmer, you can choose any looping structure which serves the purpose. On many occasions, you don’t want the loop to continue executing till the end but it

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