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Python projects – Hottest and coldest place on earth


About Project

Python program to find the hottest and coldest place on the Earth using Python

In this project, you will learn to fetch the temperature data of all the places available at timeanddate website. This website regularly updates the temperature obtained from all the place on the Earth.

In this project we have used selenium webdriver for chrome to fetch the data available at timeanddate website. When you browse the website, you will notice that there is one table which contains all the information such as place name, Day name -time, icon and temperature in degree Celsius. We will scrape all the data contain in this table and then manually check the highest temperature as well as the lowest temperature along with the name of the Place. Finally, display it on the screen.

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Project requirements

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Python Code

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from selenium.webdriver.common.by import By
import datetime, time, os

td = datetime.date.today()

# create a webdriver object for chrome-option and configure
wait_imp = 10
CO = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
CO.add_experimental_option('useAutomationExtension', False)
CO.add_argument('--start-minimized') #maximized
wd = webdriver.Chrome(r'D:\Learning\Practice\Selenium\chromedriver.exe',options=CO)

# Format for printing output
print ("Connecting to Worldwide weather data, Please wait .....\n")
weather_site = "https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/?sort=6&low=4"

temp_raw = wd.find_elements_by_class_name('rbi')
temp_1 = []

for val in temp_raw:
    t1 = (val.text).split()
    if t1[0] != "N/A":
        temp_1.append (int(t1[0]))
temp_1.sort(reverse = True)
max_temp = max(temp_1)
min_temp = min(temp_1)

# Read table
table_data = wd.find_element(By.CLASS_NAME, 'zebra.fw.tb-theme')
table_row = wd.find_elements(By.TAG_NAME, "tr")
city_name = []
temp_val = []

lst = [0,4,8]
for i in range(1,len(table_row)):
    for j in lst:
        col = table_row[i].find_elements(By.TAG_NAME, "td")[j].text
        tmp = table_row[i].find_elements(By.TAG_NAME, "td")[j+3].text
        t6 = tmp.split()
        print (col, t6)
for p in range(len(temp_val)):
    if temp_val[p][0] == str(max_temp):
        c_name_H = city_name[p]
        print (c_name_H)
p = 0
for p in range(len(temp_val)):
    if temp_val[p][0] == str(min_temp):
        c_name_C = city_name[p]
        print (city_name[p])

print ("Date:",td.strftime("%b-%d-%Y"))
print ("--------------------------------------------------------------------")
print (">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> World's Hottest and Coldest Place <<<<<<<<<<<<<<")
print ("------------------------------------------------------------------\n")

print ("Highest Temperature on the Earth is: {} deg C and Place is: {}".format(max_temp,c_name_H))
print ("Lowest Temperature on the Earth is : {} deg C and Place is: {}".format(min_temp, c_name_C))

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