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About us

about us aipythin

“An object appears in a particular colour as it reflects a specific Color while absorbing others”

With this motto, we are here to share all the knowledge that we have gathered until now (and more in the future).

About aipython

Hey there from Earth! Welcome to aipython – One hotspot for learning, experimenting & enjoying Python from almost ground. We are highly passionate and determined towards delivering superior-quality educational contents for absolutely FREE. As a reader, you can expect amazing contents & videos about Python basics, Python projects, Python Integration with Open Source hardware, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

Who we are?

We are a group of self-taught programmers who have developed coding skills over the years. We and Python (of course the programming language) are friends since a decade. We are experienced in working on numerous projects starting from very basic to highly complex ones. Python has spilled out of our professional life into our hobby and creative space.


In our decade long experience in the industry & academia, we have often faced a deficiency of authentic, verified and state-of-art reference material for a key language like python. We recognized this and began to consolidate distilled material that can cater to a wide spectrum of learners ranging from students to professionals. Our work of passion birthed aipython as it is today.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a structured learning platform, uniquely Python, for everyone for absolutely FREE. We promise to make aipython a power-packed platform for learning

  • Python Basic Tutorial
  • Python Advanced Tutorial
  • Awesome python automation projects
  • Python with Raspberry Pi (New)
  • Machine Learning Tutorials with Python
  • Deep Learning Tutorials with Python
  • Computer Vision Tutorials with Python

Every content will be supported by easy to understand videos at aipython YouTube channel. So stay tuned and energized to get most of it. Wishing you all a very Happy Learning and Growing !!

Team aipython

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