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Python ternary operator

Python ternary operator

The ternary operator aims at reducing multiple lines of if-else complexity into a single line. The Ternary operator works upon, where the result of an expression (conditional expression) depends on the True or False value. Bottom line – Consolidate (or condense) multi line expression in one line. If-else can be re-written in one line using the ternary operator.

Python if else

python if else

Python if-else statement is a part of control structures (sometimes also known as Python flow control). Python if statement helps in making decisions in the program. This is probably the simplest yet most frequently used in Python for decision making. Python’s if-else statement works by evaluating a condition and subsequently making the decision. If a condition is met then execute a certain portion of the code

Python Dictionary

Python Dictionary

Python Dictionary is a paired collection of unordered elements, group together under one name. Dictionary can hold elements of multiple data types (Heterogenous) and elements are accessed via key indexing. You got three characteristics about python dict, which are, Paired, Unordered and Key Indexing.In the real-world scenario, we all have seen dictionary (mostly language dictionary) that relate word from one

Python sets

Python sets

SETs are an unordered collection of unique elements group together under one name. Set can hold elements of multiple data types (Heterogenous). A set will always have unique elements (no duplication allowed), unlike List and Tuples in Python. A set object is also a collection of distinct hashable objects. An object is
hashable if it has a hash value which never changes during its lifetime. Hashability

Python operator

python operators

Python operator is an essential part of python programming, which are required in almost every line of code. In another way, Python operator help in building up expressions in Python. In this
comprehensive article, you will learn in detail about various operators in Python such as Arithmetic operator, Comparison operator, Assignment operator, Logical operators, Identity operators, ..

Python IDLE

python idle fm

IDLE comes with python installation and it is used for writing python codes. The first thing anyone wants to do after installing Python on your machine is to write the first python code. To write a piece of code (sometimes also called script), you need IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or
an editor. An IDE is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities

Install Python

install python on windows mac and linux

In the last section, you got Introduced to Python. Now its time to get this powerful program installed on to your machine and begin the magic. As you are already aware (in case you are not) that Python is open-source software available at no cost and can be used to develop the application in many areas

Python variables

python_variable_header_image by aipython

Python variables are the temporary location name to store values. Variable can store various data types such as number, string, Boolean or complex value. Variables are the essential part of any program so is the case with Python

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