python project

Desktop app in Python for checking covid19 vaccine availability

desktop app- vaccine availability tracker

Learn to create a Desktop app in Python to check any available slot in your location (based on the Pincode) on a given date. A step-by-step method to build the app and learn a lot of things on the way. you will learn Tkinter along the way as it is pretty easy. GUI components that are present in this application are Label, Entry box, Button, Textbox, Radio button, Checkbox and Frame

Python project – weather info via API

weather api python

In this Python project, you will learn to write a python app that will collect weather information such as current temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, weather description and many others, of any place on the earth, using OpenWeatherMap API. This project is going to be very short and simple. You need to invest 30 min to understand everything. You can find

Python projects – COVID19 news and stats

covid19 coronavirus python

The entire world is fighting against the very recently began Pandemic, which is COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Every day we hear about the effect of this threat as well as various statistics from the internet. In this Python code, I have put all the effort to scrapes data from the world’s top trusted sources such as WHO (World Health Organization), John-Hopkins and Indian Government.

Python project – realtime stock price

python web scraping stock price

This project describes a Python code, which fetches the current stock price for multiple listed companies. This script first reads the excel sheet to get the list of all companies for which CMP (Current Market Price) has to be calculated and then fire up the browser to open a website which has this information. The automation script enters the name of each stock, one by one,

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